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Please choose a shape and length that suits your lifestyle, we do not suggest shortening the nails as this can break the topcoat layer which can cause issues with lifting.



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We use overnight courier within NZ so your nails get to you as soon as possible. Please remember to check out using your correct area in NZ in order to having packing go smoothly.


1. Wash your hands and dry thoroughly. Prep fingernails by filing down length and cuticles by trimming hangnails if necessary.

2. Gently etch the top of your nails using the nail file/buffer provided

3. Remove dust using a nail brush. tip: if you have acetone at home you can swipe some over your nails to dehydrate them further for a stronger bond.

4. Size and choose the nails that fit you and line them up ready for application.

5. Place glue evenly across your nail then placing the nail on at a 45 degree angle rock your nail on to the wet glue starting from the cuticle area and hold down firmly for 15-30 seconds.

6. Repeat this step for all of your nails.

7. Keep your hands dry for 2 hours after application. I find the best time to apply nails is right before you go to sleep so you can let me dry overnight with no moisture contact.

You can now file and adjust the nails as needed to suit your lifestyle.

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